Just One Bite was formed out of a love of cookies, a love of quality, and a love of family.

Our family has been baking homemade cookies for family and friends for decades. Some of the recipes are over 75 years old. And friends had always said, “you really should go into business,” but it wasn’t the right time.

While I loved being in the corporate world as a television producer on the Rachael Ray show, once I became a mom I quickly realized that I could not be away from my son all day long. And that’s how Just One Bite was started. I fell back on what I know best…dessert!

I enlisted my mom and my sister, the true bakers of the family, to pursue this business with me, and so the journey began.

Our cookies are bite size so that you can just pop them in your mouth, literally just one bite! We are proud to say that they are perfectly imperfect…our cookies may not look identical because each one is hand made, not machine made. We believe that when you bake from scratch using the best ingredients a delicious cookie is the result.

We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them. From our hearts to your bellies. And like my grandmother always said… “my meal’s not complete without something sweet.”

I hope you’ll keep wanting more than “just one bite!”